We always care about the pets and consider them as family members. Many people like to have a pair of cats, dogs, birds etc.  A few people have an interest in keeping the horses. We cannot keep the horse at home, as it is not their place and, we cannot keep them in a confined space. They need their own space to breathe, roam around, eating, mating etc. We have to take good care of the horses as a pet.  

One thing that we must consider is that we cannot keep the horse in our car as we do cats and dogs. They need a huge space to carry and we must sure to cover all the aspects of tidying them up while taking them from one place to another. We need a special van, which is called camper float. They are specially designed for the horses and their owners. We can carry the horses and take them to the desired places where we can have fun with the horses.  

Many companies have been selling camper floats but people choose regency floats for multiple reasons. The main reason is that they sell square front camper float, which is an ideal option for horses according to the height, size and weight of the horses. Many factors make regency floats superior from other company is mention below.  

  • Quality  

At regency floats, we never compromise on the quality of the raw material used in building the floats for horses. We know that they get hurt if there is any sharp object on the floor, roof or walls. We make sure to have the aluminium flooring and the rubber material to make it easy for the horses to stand and move around without getting hurt. Unlike others, we do not use metal material inside the premises where a horse has to keep.  

  • Customer Service 

We provide the best customer care services to our clients. If they have any issues regarding the keeping of the horse, the timings of the floats renting, or to know about the engine and driving of the camper floats; we are here to help them. If our customers have any queries regarding anything, we are here to entertain them all the time without judging them.  

  • Reliable 

Our services are reliable. We do not believe in providing services that can harm any human being. We make sure to provide all the things that our clients ask for us to do. The ultimate aim is to satisfy our customers.  

  • Committed 

We never back off our commitments. We do not provide anything, which is not in the commitment. We make sure to provide the services within a specific period. In addition, there are no hidden charges of anything related to the services. We stay committed to our work, loyalty and the prices.  

  • Fully Equipped Camper 

We provide you with a fully equipped camper in which you do not have to worry about anything. Our camper is no less than a caravan. 

Following are the things that are available in the standard camper.  

  • Sink 

A sink is given to wash the dishes, fruits, meats etc. It is mandatory to have in the camper for long hours’ drive or camping. 

  • Bed  

We all need a break after long hours of driving. We offer you a standard size foldable bed to get rest in between the long hours of driving. The foldable bed allow you to utilize the space in multiple manners. 

  • Kitchen 

We also provide you with a kitchen in which we have cabinets to store the food etc. In the kitchen, we provide your stove to warm or cook the food for you, your horse or loved ones.  

  • Water Tank 

How can someone consume water without having a full water tank? The camper has a water tank in which an ample amount of water can be stored for the horse and the people going on a trip. 

  • Floor Lining  

The floor lining is made of rubber to have good; and smooth walking.  

  • Option of customisation 

We also give you an option of customisation for the hamper. You can choose the colour of the hamper, the size of the sheets and can put a double bed inside the camper.  

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