Wedding is surely an auspicious event which some people want to celebrate lavishly while others want to keep it sweet and simple. No matter; if you are keeping it simple or are going all out for it, you definitely are going to spend some bucks out there because there are some such essentials which are going to be needed for your wedding ceremony.  These essentials include brides and grooms wedding dresses, catering services for guests and wedding stationary items. Wedding stationary items play an integral role in completing the wedding function like any other essentials of a wedding ceremony. These stationary items are used to invite the guests, guide them to their seats, to welcome them and so on. Each wedding stationary item holds different meaning and importance. Wedding invitations, welcome cards, seating charts, menu list and other such items are termed as wedding stationary items. Two such wedding stationary items are known as wedding wishing well for sale and the date cards. In this article; we will be discussing about the purpose and usage of wedding wishing wells and the date cards. 

Wedding stationary items: 

Lot has been said for wedding stationary items that now we do not need them because we are living in the digital world where paper has no use but the value that these stationary items hold cannot be replaced by digital medium. Let us take an instance of wedding invitations; the respect and importance that the guest feels in receiving a formal wedding invitation cannot be equalized with the one send through a casual message. Besides the wedding invitation cards and their envelopes; there are many other such wedding stationary items as well which have their own significance in the ceremony. There are welcome signs that greet the guests in warmly manner; these signs along with quotes can enhance the whole idea of wedding ceremonies. Guest menus can help you in choosing the preferred food items for your guests. At the same time; the use seating charts can guide your guests to the right table. 

Wedding wishing wells for sale: 

Wedding wishing wells are named as such because beautiful small shaped wells are made with cardboards and other related stationary items. These wells are meant to give the idea to the guests that they do not need to bring any kind of gifts for them rather an envelope of money will be enough. These wishing wells prove to be useful for both; guest as well as the host because guest do not have to storm his mind in searching for the right kind of gift for the newlywed couple. Similarly; host can buy the things that the couple need according to their requirement as well. You can get customised eye catching wedding wishing wells for your very own wedding ceremony. There are varieties of colours available from which you can select one for the kind of wishing well that you like for your wedding ceremony. 

The date cards: 

The date cards are such wedding stationary items that are given to the guests to invite them at the wedding. These cards have the name of the guests written on it along with the date of the big day. They are good to go with our without the wedding envelopes. It is the best way to formally call the guests to your wedding. If you this whole situation of pandemic has caused a delay in your wedding ceremony but have had already sent save the date cards in Australia to your guests then you can tell them about change of the events by sending them digital date cards.  


Wedding stationary items play a significant role in wedding ceremonies; be it the use of seating charts or welcome signs. Two such wedding stationary items are wedding wishing wells and the date cards. These wells are used to tell your guest to get money envelops instead of gifts for the couple. On the other hand; the date cards are sent with a purpose to invite the guests to the wedding ceremony. You can get the best kind of wedding wishing wells and date cards made for your big day from “Stone and Sparrow”.