If you are here and reading this article, it is obvious you need some electric work done in your house, in your office, shop etc. Today’s world runs on electricity and even the smallest contraption requires some kind of electrical outlet. Even a five-year old’s chargeable car needs a good, strong power outlet to charge overnight.  

Therefore, no matter what, you cannot leave electric work in your house, office, shop etc. as an afterthought. From ACs and heaters to power outlets, electrical work, and proper one at that, is a necessity rather than a luxury in today’s world. 

This is where SPECTRA Electrical & Communications comes in!  


Located in New South Wales, Australia, SPECTRA Electrical & Communications is a family-owned business that sends out its electrical contractors to solve problems related to all kinds of electrical issues for its customers. They have been operating for up to 20 years and have been able to help numerous customers with everything from installing lights at home to providing them with the best level 2 service providers in Sydney.  

Over the past 20 years, they have been able to understand the needs of customers and they know that with electrical work one cannot skimp out on quality because if gone wrong, the smallest loose outlet or open wire can cause bigger problems down the line. Worst case scenario, it can even be fatal. Therefore, SPECTRA Electrical & Communications works with dedication to provide the best quality, electrical service contractors, such as industrial electrical contractors and level 2 service providers, for the best quality electrical work throughout Sydney and its surrounding suburbs.  

The services SPECTRA Electrical & Communications provides include:  

  • Repairs and maintenance work 
  • Switchboard distributions 
  • Installation of CCTV (surveillance camera systems) 
  • Other security systems – security lighting, alarms floodlighting, smoke alarms etc. 
  • Top-to-bottom electric safety checks  
  • Installation of Fibre Optic Cables  
  • Insurance services – all around the year 

SPECTRA Electrical & Communication’s list of services includes so much more than the above-mentioned ones. The detailed list of services available can be found on SPECTRA Electrical & Communication’s minimal and easy to use website with all sorts of contact information. 


 That is an obvious question to have since electrical work is so crucial and one must only utilize these services if they believe that the company can be trusted and if it has a good reputation or not.  

The fact that SPECTRA Electrical & Communications has been operating for up to 20 years is a testament to their reliability, is it not?  

To add to their years of experience their team of electricians, from industrial electrical contractors to level 2 service providers, are knowledgeable and cooperative while handling customers of all kinds of departments from residential to commercial clients. Their team of contractors are determined to come up with solutions with the customer so whatever procedure needs to be carried out, the customer is comfortable with it. 

SPECTRA Electrical & Communications is proud of providing high quality and reliable industrial electrical contractor in Sydney or even residential contractors. No matter if it’s a big client party or a small client, at SPECTRA everyone is treated with the same level of respect and is served only the best quality services every time. Their industrial electrical contractors and all other contractors have years of experience and are fully trained and qualified to handle any situation or problem with ease.  


Level 2 electrical work is trickier which is why all level 2 service providers at SPECTRA Electrical & Communications are fully credited and certified level 2 service providers by the NSW Department of Energy.  

At SPECTRA Electrical & Communications, level 2 service providers are qualified to do the job with accuracy and efficiency to maintain the cost at the lowest level possible. The level 2 service providers are available to work 24/7 and their work includes: 

  1. Power Poles – various sizes available for supply and installation 
  1. Power Line Work  
  1. All works related to Street Lighting 
  1. TBS – Temporary Builders Service 

And more. So, if you require a level 2 service provider or industrial electrical contractor then your best option is SPECTRA Electrical & Communications. Their contractors are highly skilled and experienced and are always determined to provide the highest quality of electric work, upgrades to installations for all clients.