We are a team of experts and professionals who make fabulous videos and craft un-imaginable and unique videos. At pickles, pictures we have a team of professionals who are skilful, competent and experienced in each and perspective. Our web video production in Melbourne and VFX is of high-quality. We guarantee that you will love our video production and VFX services because our approach towards the video production and VFX procedure is totally distinctive.  

The areas where we are providing our services include: 

  • Canberra 
  • Melbourne 
  • Perth 
  • Sydney 
  • Adelaide 
  • Brisbane 

And all over Australia, any place you name within Australia.  

No doubt, the high-quality VFX procedures lay a great role in videos. If the video production is not of high-quality then it will not be attractive to the public as well. Video production and VFX need to be attractive in order to engage the viewers and in order to properly deliver your messages to the public. We are a leading video agency making attractive and unique educational videos and other topics related videos for customers at very affordable rates. In addition to this all we have worked with many leading video productions agencies as well. We are proud to inform you that our work was unique and our team members are professional. Our exceptional services helped us become an award-winning company. Our production covers almost all areas and all topics.  

Our services: 

We are a leading video production company and all the script writers, camera crew, animators, directors, and designers at Pickle pictures are experts who are able to manage productions of any scale, at very reasonable and affordable prices. We provide production services of every kind without any hesitation and problems. Making videos for different and unique tasks is our speciality. We love to accept challenges and we are passionate about providing our VFX services in Melbourne to our customers in their difficult times.  

The video created by us: 

  • Online 
  • Events 
  • Social media 
  • Logo animations 
  • Infographics 
  • Corporate 
  • Viral campaigns 
  • Television commercials 
  • Internal communications 
  • Training 

The services provided by us include: 

  • Colour grading 
  • Visual effects and compositing 
  • Producing 
  • 2d and 3d animations 
  • Story boarding 
  • Sound design 
  • Editing 
  • Writing 
  • Concept development 
  • Directing 

Some of the leading brands we worked for: 

  • Man, power group 
  • Lander and rogers’ lawyers 
  • KordaMentha 
  • Glen EIRA city council 
  • The college of law 
  • Vic super 
  • City of YaRRA 
  • DEAKIN university Australia 
  • Pitcher partners 
  • Boss man 
  • AEMO 
  • Bakers delight 
  • Motorola solutions 
  • The university of Melbourne 
  • Sustainability Victoria 
  • Avalon airport 
  • Vmia 
  • Mercer 
  • Melbourne water 
  • Energy Australia 
  • Hall and Wilcox 
  • State library Victoria 

Web video production: 

The web videos done by Pickle Pictures is one of a kind. All of us are aware of this fact that web has now the biggest source of doing business through different techniques. We have many examples of people who are earning in billions through web video production. Apart from the earning it also helps to educate people regarding different things. People prefer to watch videos instead of text because it is easy and requires less effort. If your video is attractive and is of their interest then it will for sure benefit both the viewer and the video production company. A web video can help you to fulfil your purposes. Whether you want to educate people, you want to introduce new things in the market, want attract different audience towards a certain brand web video production is the best.  

Best video production services: 

We are all aware of this fact that video marketing has its own importance nowadays. No doubt, that we need some expert video production company that can perform the marketing tasks through video professionally. At Pickle Pictures our team of experts and professionals has an experience of 10 years in this field. We assure you that the video will be the prefect marketing material that will help you to grow your brand or business every-where. They know exactly that what the requirements to engage the viewers are. All the services provided by our experts are stunning and one of a kind. The videos will be of prefect size, time and graphics. They know exactly how to arrange the content within the video and what styles and patterns should be followed.  

The video production services at Pickle Pictures follows a unique pattern. We assure you that the videos created by us are unique and distinctive in each and every perspective. No other company can provide you the videos and VFX services same as ours. So, if you are searching for some company which provides best and high-quality video services then Pickle Pictures is the company you are searching for