Quantum Forensic is an expert accountant firm committed to assisting customers with tackling complex legal bookkeeping, business valuation and monetary issues, resolve business questions and give free bookkeeping observers to court procedures.  

We draw on different specialized abilities to cover all points of the task and present our work and discoveries in a consistent, clear and brief way. We offer business interruption insurance to the complex, so you can act with certainty. Quantum Forensic is your master guide for specialized and expert accountant, monetary investigation, and business valuation issues – remembering their more extensive key ramifications for a debate or exchange. We can likewise go about as master bookkeeping witnesses.  

Hugo Loneragan 

Hugo Loneragan is a specialist legal bookkeeper. He has led scientific bookkeeping examinations requiring the most significant levels of bookkeeping ability, arranged master reports offered in court, and offered master thoughts and declaration on the business interruption insurance of his examinations. Hugo is held by legal advisors or customers straightforwardly, contingent upon the idea of the matter and any legal actions included.  

Quantum Forensic has finished criminological bookkeeping examinations and master reports into bogus bookkeeping, budget summary control, loss of benefit, misrepresentation, debasement, annihilation of records and imperfect market divulgences. Situated in Sydney, we have gone about as expert accountant in Sydney and key counsels to customers, planning and settling perplexing and high profile protection cases and business debates in Australia and abroad for worldwide and privately owned businesses.  

We have given vital guidance on the bookkeeping issues in business and investor questions, Sale and Purchase Agreements, business interruption insurance and fulfilment accounts debates. We have gone about as both a counselling master and an autonomous master observer in contested questions.  

Legal Accounting and Investigations  

Collectively of prepared master legal bookkeepers, Quantum Forensic has impressive involvement with planning master bookkeeping reports for suit, intervention and intercession procedures. Working from our office in Sydney, we have helped customers across Australia with top notch responsive assistance from our measurable reviewers.  

Our overseeing head Hugo Loneragan is especially capable at performing basic investigation of the work and finishes of contradicting specialists, including their suspicions, valuation models and harms examination. Hugo presents his basic business interruption insurance assessment as master proof in a report and in court in a reasonable and convincing way. We offer a complete scope of administrations, including:  

  1. Protection claims readiness and settlement  

We plan and settle claims under property harm, business interference, obligation, and D&O protection approaches.  

  1. Protection debates and recuperation activities  

We go about as a specialist when a protection guarantee turns argumentative and non-safeguarded misfortunes are needed to be measured and recuperated from outsiders.  

  1. Pre-misfortune hazard warning  

We help customers to recognize, gauge and oversee monetary and monetary dangers. This remembers far reaching guidance for safeguarded qualities and protection strategy construction and phrasing.  

We offer administrations across:  

Our expert accountant assist customers with understanding the benefits of their bookkeeping and monetary contentions and assume a vital part in the methodology group to determine questions.  

We give basic experiences into the bookkeeping and valuation parts of Buy/Sell arrangements and Shareholder Agreements, which can change the financial matters of the exchange. Post-fruition or marking, we can help with settling debates.  

Business Valuation  

Valuation of organizations, shares and other value. Guaranteeing personal entrepreneurs have a concurred premise and cycle for esteeming their business in case of a proprietorship move trigger in the investor understanding. Quantum Forensic is your counselling master in suit and question goal. Going about as a business interruption insurance counselling master, instead of a free master, we fill in as a critical individual from the suit methodology group prompting the customer and their legal advisors on the qualities and shortcomings of their bookkeeping and monetary contentions.  

We can likewise help with distinguishing and setting up the brief for an autonomous master, offering a specialist input to the court. Accounting examination in the publicizing business. While at a Big Four bookkeeping firm our Managing Principal, Hugo Loneragan, drove the examination for a few European nations as a feature of a worldwide expert accountant examination concerning budget summary income abnormalities for a worldwide media and promoting bunch. Answering to the Board review council, our examination and bookkeeping rectifications brought about critical repetitions of the records and SEC filings in the United States.