People are well aware with the concept of curtains, blinders and shades. All such kinds of things are not only used to enhance the whole look of the place but also provide their specific purposes of protection and privacy. Similarly; there are other such types of screens used in architectural world for various purposes on various places.  These screens are used in outdoor places as well as indoors. They provide partition, privacy and enhance the whole look of the place as well.  They are carefully constructed and are designed with minute detailing that makes them even more attractive. They are quite aesthetically pleasing for commercial as well as residential places. In this article; we will be discussing about the garden screens in Melbourne, shade structures and about many other such architectural framework designs like non combustible gardens, driveway gates. 

Architectural framework: 

Architectural framework is the process of creating something extraordinary out of something raw or simple. It is the method of interpreting, analyzing and then constituting it into an actual plan. It can be created with any type of material; varying from metal to wood and from steel to plastic.  Let us discuss about some of the amazing architectural creations in the form of screens, shades, gate designs cladding and many more.  

Garden screens:  

Garden screens are the kind of frameworks that are used to provide partition among a garden or a lawn. These screens provide privacy as well as increase the whole look of the place. These garden screens are quite commonly seen in commercial places that have an outdoor sitting area as well. They provide privacy to each table so that they can have their food calmly. Moreover; the kind of detailing and architectural designing done on them make them eye catching and attractive place to come to. The use of these screens is not only limited to commercial places because they can be used for residential gardens as well

Shade structures: 

Shade structures are another masterpiece of architectural framework. As the name implies, these structures are meant for the provision of shade. These extraordinary architectural designs are recommended to be installed in playgrounds, child care centers and other such places where extreme weather condition can make you uncomfortable or at unease. 

Non-combustible cladding: 

Cladding is basically the kind of a structure that acts like a covering or coating to any existing structure. Non-combustible cladding is the kind of coating that is installed to protect the building form getting ignited due to any unfortunate accident. These cladding covers prohibit the spread of fire in moments of emergency. They are either made up of perforated aluminum to the composite panel which acts as the best repellent to the fire.  

Entry and driveway gates: 

We all are aware with the uses of entry and driveway gates. They provide protection and privacy to the people residing inside the place. But have you ever heard about the aesthetically pleasing entry gateways. These gateways not only fulfill their purposes of protection but also are appealing to the eyes. In commercial zones; if you want to attract more customers to your places then you definitely need to install these gateways. Similarly; you can install them in residential places as well because they will leave a lasting impression to your visitors. 


Architectural frameworks are basically the art of designing and constructing something extraordinary out of something simple. These frameworks can vary from different kinds of screens to shades. They are not only pleasing to eyes but are also quite promising in providing their specific functions as well. People often install garden screens in their gardens. These screens not only provide partition within the same garden but also make it aesthetically pleasing. Similarly; there are shade structures in Brisbane which are meant to provide shade and protection from direct sunlight and rainfall. These structures are highly recommended during extreme weather conditions for commercial places. You can buy previously mentions architectural structures and many other such amazing master pieces of architecture from “Kleen cut solutions”. They are famous for creating amazingly detailed architectural frameworks; varying from garden screens to non combustible claddings and from shade structures to driveway gates.