We all know that along with human being, other living beings live around us. We can’t neglect their presence. They keep on nudging about their presence with different signs and signals. If we specifically talk about the pest, termites and small insects that do not visible with a normal eye. For example, termites. They are not visible with the human eye. Pets and termites love to eat wood and lives there until they make it worthless. They tend to weaken the foundations of large buildings. These tiny and small beings can be present anywhere.  

Pests have a huge impact on human life. Let’s have a look at the damages that can occur with their presence. 

  • Infections and diseases: 

Pests are unhygienic. These small bacteria can cause many diseases if they come in contact with a human being. Their presence in a house or office is not acceptable. They spread infections and diseases. People who have a low immune system can easily become the victim of pest’s infection. So, it is wise to get the treatment of pest as soon as they are inspected. 

  • Eat Wood 

They stay alive by eating wood. It is their food. When they eat wood and make the inside useless, they leave their shell inside it and move forward. When we have wood material in our house, it increases the chances of pests and termites.  

  • Makes Furniture Defective 

They make our furniture defective. As we know, they eat wood. When they are done with eating, the outer layer of the furniture remains the same. The only thing that is lost is the strength and long-lasting feature of furniture. Pests eat the wood and leave the furniture useless. 

  • Decreases the Selling Cost 

It decreases the cost of a house, office or furniture drastically. We know that once a house of furniture affected with the termites, there are always chances of getting their birth back. Even after the treatments. No one is willing to buy a house which is affected by the termites and pests. 

Now the question that arises here is that how they come and what is the secret behind their existence. A few reasons for getting them to discuss below. 

  • Moisture 

Areas near the river, ocean or sea have higher chances of getting the pests and termites. The reasons behind is that the areas have a high humidity level. The moisture in the wood allows the pests to take birth with the fungus. Once, they appear there, then, there is nothing to stop them. 

  • Spreads Easily 

They spread easily. Anyone can become a carrier of pests. For example, a person who is working in an office has pests. One bacteria of pests stick to his shoes or on some accessory and he takes it home. Gradually, they start spreading in his house and the chain goes on.  

  • Wood 

As we have mentioned, they like to eat wood and take birth in wood. The initial presence of their existence comes from the wood. So, we have to keep them moisture-free. It decreases the chances of occurrence of termites and pests.  

  • Windows Frame 

They are also present on the window frames. As we know, many people are more towards having wooden window frames as they multiples the attractiveness of a house. Also, many people like to have wooden flooring especially in the office and drawing area. It makes our space look appealing. But termites can make a good place into a nightmare. 

It is always a good idea when in doubt, get an inspection done. 

  • Inspection 

An inspection makes sure that if a person doubts that their house is caught by termites. A pre purchase pest inspection in Gold Coast is necessary. It can only be a doubt. So, it is a wise idea to get the inspection done if there are any signs of pests’ present. 

  • Fumigation 

After the inspection, when it finalises that these are the pests which are causing issues. The best way is to get space fumigated. Different chemical compound mixes to make a solution which applies to the wooden furniture, frames, floors and at all the places, which is made of wood.  

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