Everyone wants to follow and to be in trend. A wedding ceremony is one of the greatest and most special events of one’s life. So, they try hard to make it special and unique from a major thing to a big deal, from food menu to wardrobe, from venue to weather, even from wedding card to wedding envelope. People plan and effort hard to fulfill all these to make their day of wedding special not for themselves but others also. 

Wedding envelopes 

Here are some ideas if wedding envelopes, from which one can choose the right idea for his wedding because kind of wedding envelopes reflects the nature and taste of the couple up to some extent: 

  • Digital printing wedding envelopes are very pocket-friendly as they are not much expensive and look elegant if designed in an elegant way and beautiful color. Bride and bridegroom can change or customize the size, design, color, and format of the wedding envelopes according to their own choices. This type of wedding envelopes is much trendy everywhere and almost every time. 
  • You can also decorate or l beautify your wedding envelopes using the foil stamping technique. In this type of technique, the printer machine compresses the gold, silver, platinum, or any other glossy material in the letters being typed in the card. Couples usually use this method to glorify their wedding envelopes and also to give some idea about the wedding arrangements to their guests and loved ones. It will give a luxury touch to the wedding envelope. Most of the billionaires had used gold or other expensive materials in their wedding envelopes to show their charm. 
  • You may also go for embossing while choosing the idea for your wedding envelopes. Printer machine can emboss the words on the surface of the card. The words embossed on the paper remain colorless or white making visible and readable for the receivers. This looks much elegant if colors are being closed wisely. This technique is much similar to engraving. 
  • Thermography is another technique for designing wedding envelopes, it gives a look to the envelope much between embossing and engraving. It is also less expensive technique than others. As name implies, ink and a special type of powder are mixed and heated and then used for printing purpose which will give a little risen texture to the paper or nvelope. 
  • Pearlescent is one of the modern techniques of wedding envelopes. In this technique, the paper has a little sparkle on it giving the paper a soft look. You can also print your picture in it that will look more glamorous. 
  • If you want a simple wedding envelope then you should choose a board style of paper. In this technique, the letters are simply printed on three-layered paper. This is less expensive. It will look like having a cotton-like texture. 
  • You can also use linen-like finishing the paper. The card is made up of high-quality cotton blended with paper. 

Business cards 

Like wedding envelopes, business cards also have their worth in the promotion of a business even small or large. As styling and graphics of your business cards in Toronto will show your recipients the creative and innovative nature of your business.  

Here are some ideas which you can use while designing your business cards: 

  • You can go with classic business cards if you don’t want to decorate your card or if you are running a formal type of business. However, you can add some different writing styles to it. 
  • You can also design a gadget like business cards, like if you are running a music school then you may design your card which may transform into a guitar on any other instrument. It demands some extra effort but can catch the interests of the public.